The Ferrari 488 is one of the newest cars on the market. It is also Ferrari’s latest addition to their collection, taking over the previous model Ferrari 458. The Ferrari 458 was the last naturally aspirated Ferrari with the new Ferrari 488 taking its place. The Ferrari 488 is also available with us in both Coupe and Convertible. We have a few selections to choose from as well to ensure that we meet the tastes of all our clients. This car has a slightly higher rate then our Ferrari 458 because of its “new and rare” status. This car was released just under a year ago and is still under Ferrari’s limited production. So don’t be surprised if you have your very own fan club following you around and taking photos of you and your new exotic car rental! This will have you feeling like a true Star! This Ferrari 488 will give you the drive of a lifetime! Its tremendous power and great handling will have you wanting even more time with your exotic car rental. This is also the perfect car rental for prom! You will easily have the hottest exotic car in the lot and will have your friends all over you asking you question. We offer a variety of prom car rentals for all types of events. We also guarantee that our exotic car rental prices are by far the cheapest exotic car rental prices in Miami. We encourage all of our clients to try the new Ferrari 488 once they have finished trying out the amazing Ferrari 458. Please come in and book and receive special offers on our multi day pricing!





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