Let Us Answer the Questions Renters Ask Most Frequently About Renting Exotic Cars or Luxury Cars

Will you deliver my exotic car rental earlier or later than the delivery hours?

This is possible. We offer free delivery of our rental cars between 9:30 am and 10:00 pm. We are happy to delivery your exotic rental car outside of our normal hours for an additional $100 or more on your total bill. Contact us, and we will do what we can to work with you.

Why is there a delivery window of two hours?

We would love to be able to arrive on an exact minute that you choose, but unfortunately, we need a 2 hour window for delivery to prepare for unforeseen circumstances such as a random flat tire, traffic, etc. and we’ve found it’s less frustrating for the customer to leave more time and make it on time rather than less time and show up late. We try our best to get your sweet ride to you at the front end of that window, so you can enjoy your time with your exotic car rental, and we can provide the best customer service possible.

Life happens and I have a family emergency, can I cancel?

Unfortunately, we are not able to cancel.

How many miles can I drive my sweet exotic or luxury rental?

Our rentals include a stout 100 miles of enjoyment per day, not including the Ford Mustang which has unlimited miles. After that, there are additional mileage rates. If you happen to double your 100 miles during your rental, there will be a $3 per mile surcharge added on top of the standard rates. All mileage charges come from your security deposit.

Are hourly rentals offered?

Yes! We do offer hourly rentals for some specific cars. Our exotic cars are a popular choice for this option.

And if I only want the car for one hour?

That is perfectly fine! Although, this option is available for some specific cars. We offer better deals for rentals that are more than one hour.

Can I rent the car for one weekend day?

No. There is a huge demand for weekend rentals, so a weekend guarantee for a single-day rental in advance on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday isn’t feasible.

If you need one of amazing rental cars for a special occasion and it's on the weekend, your best bet would be to reserve your ride for a full weekend, which starts on Friday and ends on Sunday.

Although we can’t guarantee that the exact exotic or luxury car you just have to have on the weekend will be available for just a single day, WE CAN STILL PUT YOU IN THAT DREAM RIDE FOR ONE DAY, if it’s not reserved already. Just call us on a weekend morning, and if your desired car is still available, we will gladly rent it to you for just that day.

Why is there a security deposit?

Our cars are extremely expensive, so we have a lot on the line. There is a refundable, reasonable security deposit for all of our rentals. The deposits range from $500-$2,000 which depends on your choice of vehicle and the level of your insurance. The deposit is refunded when you return your vehicle and we are able to give it a thorough inspection. It can take 3-5 business days following the return of the vehicle. You’ll receive your balance back minus any minor damages or extra mileage charges.

Will my regular car insurance cover the rental of an exotic car like a Lamborghini?

Yes! If you have full-coverage insurance, your insurance carries over and covers the car you rent from us. Full coverage means you have Liability, Comp, and Collision.

Can I rent an exotic car to take my date to the prom or special event if I'm under 21, even if my relative will rent the car for me and I promise not to drive the car?

Unfortunately, because of past bad experiences with this situation, we don’t offer prom rentals. An alternative would be for a parent to choose one of our head-turning luxury and act as ‘chauffeur’ for the special night.

If I have insurance, then why am I billed for damages?

Sometimes, there are minor damages to our rental cars when they come back. Minor repairs are relatively quick and inexpensive to repair and so the security deposit will usually more than cover the costs. This is to minimize the length of time that the car is out of service. Once your invoice has been cleared with us, you can file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement for those charges.

Is there sales tax added on even if I pay with all cash?

Yes. There is sales tax for every rental.

How much is the tax charge?

The tax rate is set by each individual state.

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