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Starting a New Exotic Car Love Affair

If you are a newcomer to the love affair with exotic cars, choosing the best car can be a daunting task.

The key to finding the perfect exotic car is to remember two things:
Take your time. Try a lot of cars. Rent an exotic car when you can, whether for a day or just an hour, just get behind the wheel of several types of exotic cars. Each car can look and feel entirely different from the cockpit. You really need to experience the fit, controls, power, and responsiveness of each exotic car to understand the difference.
 Know that there is no “best” exotic car. There’s only the best exotic car FOR YOU! Everyone has a unique car profile – the features and benefits that mean the most to THEM – so when you discover yours, you’ll know exactly which car fits you like a glove. All exotic cars have features that set them apart, and all exotic cars are fun to drive, but when you find the car that fits you best, you’ll know it immediately. Even collectors with several exotic cars always have that special one that they call their baby.
Here’s an infographic to get you started on your path. Learn a little about several amazing cars, then dive deeper and learn more.
And whatever you do, get out their and drive some exotic cars!